System integration

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Aixistance Network Integration offers commissioning of equipment involves a spectrum of services from cable verification, powering of equipment, HW diagnostics and troubleshooting and data base implementation testing and network integration. Our comparative strength, as a service provider, stems from the quality of our integration service, the most technically demanding aspect of the business and one that requires unusually high levels of product knowledge and expertise.

Aixistance Enterprise Application Integration facilitates swift and informed decision making within your organization, you may wish to improve the seamless interaction between systemsthroughout your departments. Enterprise Application Integration increases efficiency and protects your initial IT investment, by creating 'interfaces" between your companiesu2019s existing IT applications that improve their utilization of allow you to migrate valuable data from an obsolete system to newer, more efficient platforms.

Aixistance Migration addresses the rapid changes in technology and system architectures to derive the benefits of the evolving technologies. The various options, before the users include re-engineering, up gradation and Migration. MI has helped customers in overcoming problems in their legacy applications and migrating to newer technologies with special emphasis to Linux migration.